The Postman insists…

In the last years of the previous century, not long after I arrived in the UK, I often felt charmed by the particular habits, figures of speech and patterns of communication which the English used, and which were so different — so much more theatrical and even poetic — than what I was used to in the Low Countries. I thought I would make a small hand-printed booklet with colour lino prints combined with cut out ‘typically english’ phrases, which I intended to call ‘Elementary English’. The booklet never happened, although I made a couple of prints for it.

This one is entitled ‘The postman insists that letters should be properly addressed…’

In contrast to colour printing following the reduction method (see ‘Sky Scraping‘), this Postman print is made up of four separate blocks. The image gallery shows how the print is built up in four stages. Note how the little dog in the corner appears in brown, as it is part of both the green and the red colour block.

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