BRENTOR – A reduction lino print in 11 stages

Brentor, the finished lino print

In 2021 I had a new camera for my birthday, including a tripod with a super-smooth pan motion. Where better to try it out than at Brentor, I thought, a magical place with 360 degrees views all around. On a wonderful mid-September afternoon I set up my tripod on a ledge near Brentor Church. I…… Continue reading BRENTOR – A reduction lino print in 11 stages

The Postman insists…

The postman insists that letters should be properly addressed… In the last years of the previous century, not long after I arrived in the UK, I often felt charmed by the particular habits, figures of speech and patterns of communication which the English used, and which were so different — so much more theatrical and…… Continue reading The Postman insists…

Sky Scraping

A reduction lino print is a print in more colours taken from only one block. After each print run of a certain colour, the block is ‘reduced’ by cutting away more lino, before the next colour is printed. You could also call this an ‘appearance’ print: the image gradually emerges. The printmaker will need to…… Continue reading Sky Scraping