The Art of Isolation

A Lockdown Poem…

A crisis is upon us
The earth has had enough
We have to learn a lesson
Can’t do the things we love

At times of desperation
– no money for a start –
And social isolation
I look towards my art

I study my Picasso
My Cubist girl with hat
His style improves my mojo
Though a nose is not like that

And next I turn to Turner
A brilliant colour splash
It must be a good earner
That sinking ship – for cash

And then I skip to Hopper
He really makes me smile
He might have come a cropper
Seeing no one for a while

Van Gogh is my salvation
His urge to paint the earth
A mental salutation
God knows how much it’s worth

But when the Great don’t master
to soothe my aching heart
I draw my own disaster
And paint my own great art.

© Petrus Ursem

A video poem written during the first lockdown and recorded in Gresham House Studio-Gallery…

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