Peter Ursem
Painter | Printmaker | Writer

drawing poster

St Endellion
5 - 20 May

Drawing has always taken a central place in the work of visual artists. Whether on large sheets of paper pinned to the wall or in the intimacy of a pocket-sized sketchbook, drawing is what painters, printmakers, potters and sculptors use to record observations, explore compositions, investigate themes and try out approaches.
It is intriguing to follow the artist’s discoveries and experiments, but drawings are also an expression in their own right. In recent years there is renewed recognition of the impact of drawing and growing interest from collectors for tonal works.

This new exhibition shows a variety of approaches to drawing from artists including Max William Burrows, Jackie Henderson, Paul Jackson and Peter Ursem.

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5-20 May
Drawing, Experimentation and Expression
St Endellion Hall (open during weekends)

8 June - 5 July
Sterts, nr Liskeard


29 June - 15 July
'As the River Flows', at Plymouth College of Art

25 March to 14 May
Limekiln Gallery, Calstock

18 Feb to 31 March
St Endellion Hall (open during concerts)